Measuring Guide

When considering new furniture, it is important to check your room measurements, to ensure that everything fits in, allowing enough room to move around. Our website shows the height, width and depth of all our furniture. Larger items like our dining tables and sofas arrive with removable feet so that it makes access to your property a lot easier.

Living Room

Leave yourself enough space to walk around the room comfortably. If you are choosing a large sofa with a footstool, make sure there is enough room to allow the footstool to be moved around as you need it. To check your space, you can map out the furniture using newspaper or masking tape to give you a 2D version of what it will look like.

Dining Room

A good rule when selecting your dining room furniture is to leave a gap of 50-60cm between the back of your chair and the wall or nearest piece of furniture. We have a selection of extending dining tables and offer extensions leaves in some range, which are an excellent option for when friends and family come over. All our dining tables come with the legs removed to allow easy access into your home. We also offer a delivery and build service.

Sideboards and Cabinets

When selecting a sideboard, it is important to consider any tight hallways or narrow spaces that the furniture will need to travel through to get it into position. We offer a range of furniture with partial assembly that may be more suitable for tricky spaces.

Tall units may need to be assembled on the floor and then carefully lifted up by two people so you need to make sure that the ceiling height allows for this. We recommend fixing any freestanding furniture over 60cm in height to a wall for safety and security. This will avoid tipping risks when door and drawers are open or for households with any small children.


Finally, some of our furniture is delivered in our vans, so please ensure that we have your correct delivery details and please inform us of any obstacles gaining access to your property.